What Can You Do

A few things we are asking of you:

1. Maintain your faith, Go deeper with God during this time. Spend time reading the Word and in prayer. One-way to minimize anxiety and fear: SEEK GOD FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, NOT THE MEDIA.

2. Stay Connected. Please don’t isolate and disconnect from your spiritual family. Participate with us on Facebook and pick up the phone to call one another. We are a strong community who has always come together to support one another in times of difficulty and need. Let’s be the church and show love and concern for others who may be struggling or feel forgotten. Keep the lines of communication open and reach out to one another.

3. Give Electronically. Offerings are still vital to our church. Giving is a powerful way to continue to personally worship God.

4. Pray for our nation.

• Pray for Wisdom for those making decisions that effect our lives and nation (James 1:5): an effective vaccine would be created and produced quickly; economic and job recovery would occur.
• The church will be the light of this world in the midst of darkness and worry. (Mt 5:14)
• Pray God will heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14) If we will humble ourselves and pray, God will forgive our sins and heal our land. We all need to seek God’s mercy and help.
• Let’s believe that as we pray God will do something remarkable in our nation and bring healing and repentance.

5. Remember, as the Church, we are a people who walk by faith in the Word and not by sight. Our God is a very present help in times of trouble and His supply of love, hope, mercy and grace will never run out for those who seek Him.