Partnership Meeting

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  • October 14, 2018 - 5:00 pm
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What is Partnership?

Partnership is the ability to accomplish more together than apart.  Partnership recognizes that a church committed to working together is much stronger than a lone individual.  Partnered together we are better able to use our gifts to fulfill our mission and accomplish God’s purpose.  Partners are committed to be there to help the struggling and the fallen.

On October 14th we will gather for an informational meeting about Partnership.   We will offer a light dinner, enjoy some food together, and explain the meaning and importance of partnership with the church.

Maybe you have been coming for some years and maybe have gone through a past membership class.  We are redefining membership and naming it Partnership.  There are some differences we want to explain at this meeting.  You may be new and we’d like to take this opportunity to explain the power in partnering together with us.  This is why we are inviting everyone to attend!

Committed together, we will accomplish so much more.

Come and hear about the benefits of partnership and be given the opportunity to become a partner with Community Life Church!

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