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Let’s Love Teachers

We are partnering with local teachers at McQuistion Elementary School to provide supplementary classroom materials. Be sure to check out the list below for specific suggestions, provided by the teachers themselves. Through January & February, bring your donations to CLC on Sunday morning before or after our worship service. We will have a receiving table set up for you to drop off your donations as well as check out what others are giving!  Join us to make an impact on our community! Proverbs 15:2 A wise teacher makes learning a joy (TLB). Thank you for your generosity and blessing our community! Suggestions & Requests: headphones (for tablets &/or noise cancelling) electric pencil sharpeners (heavy duty w/power cord) black expo markers plastic folders with pockets testing cubbies kleenex Hand sanitizer Glue sticks Erasers Mini dry erase boards Multiple copies of chapter books Small stress relievers: Squishies, stress balls, fidgets, etc, Pencil grippers (the three-sided kind to help kindergarten students hold their pencils correctly) plastic clipboards Check out the link below to review an Amazon Wish List, where you can order from the comfort of you location and have it shipped to you! Then, bring your items with you to church on Sunday where a collection point can be found in the lobby. Please do not have items shipped directly to the church building. Take me to the Amazon Wish List!