Canned Veggies For The Foodbank

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  • June 19, 2019 - 12:00 am

The local foodbank supplies diminish in the summer months which means people in need may go hungry.  Let’s help restock the shelves and bless others!  Partnered with St. Vincent de Paul Foodbank, we are celebrating Christmas in July by collecting canned vegetables for distribution through our local food bank.

Bring in your canned vegetables on any Sunday in July starting 6/30 and place under the Christmas tree in the lobby. Kids, be sure to say hi to Mrs. Snowflake, the Summer Snow Lady while you are there!

7/28: the last of the donations will be received and we will deliver the canned goods to SVDP.

Looking for ideas to make an impact? Consider these ideas:

  • REACH OUT to local businesses and ask them to collect canned veggies for the local food bank, St. Vincent de Paul. (email for additonal info)
  • HOST a summer party where all guests are asked to bring canned veggies.
  • INVITE your neighbors to gather a bag of canned veggies and offer to pick it up for them.
  • ENGAGE your children at the grocery store with questions about what veggies they would like to give.
  • EMPOWER your children to sell handmade items to friends and family, or create a lemonade stand to raise funds to purchase canned veggies.